Blackwell Property Investment Cycle™

We have trademarked a proven process to more effectively manage the property investment process. Our Blackwell Property Investment Cycle™ helps clients to better understand and leverage property investments as part of creating a sustainable cash flow and building wealth.

The video below demonstrates how the the Blackwell Property Investment Cycle™ continues to cycle as your investment strategy and portfolio evolve.

Investment Planning

Real estate is an effective tool for increasing income and building long term wealth. Blackwell Real Estate consults will work with you to help plan for your kid’s college, your retirement, and general wealth building. By evaluating each individual client’s needs and goals, we are able to tailor fit an investment plan and adjust it as you realize your goals.

Brokerage Services

We’ll help you find the best properties to meet your cash flow and wealth creation goals. The more prepared you are at the outset, the less overwhelming the buying process will be. Our consultation will help clarify your reasons for investing, identify key search criteria, and build a plan to help you accomplish your goal within your timeframe and budget.

Property Management

A well-managed investment property will provide peace of mind to an owner. Blackwell Real Estate has a full-service Property Management division with dedicated property managers, excellent maintenance contractors, and the best tenant management software in the industry. Our owners are updated regularly on the status of their properties; good communication helps avoid the problems many people fear about owning rental real estate. We take the hassle out of property management.

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